DevOps Engineer (Amazon SaaS)

Berlin, Germany · Tech


Sellics is a profitable, global and fast-growing SAAS start-up from Berlin. We are revolutionizing commerce on the world’s biggest marketplace, Amazon. Our business growth is funded through ongoing operations. At Sellics we work on tools that real customers use and pay good money for.

Our software is used by small sellers and large brands to manage and optimize their sales activities on Amazon. We are the first company to offer an Amazon SEO solution and we continue to shape this fast growing industry with cutting edge software innovations.

Our Technical team is currently made up of around 15 software engineers and 1 DevOps consultant. We plan to double that number in the next year. Up until now, the developers responsible for each artifact/microservice have taken full responsibility for configuring AWS, deploying their code to it, and keeping it online.

We are very happy with the fact that our Dev’s are taking full operational responsibility for their work, but Ops work for the Dev teams can be time consuming. Our growing DevOps engineering team will be tasked with:

  1. Working with Software Development teams to understand the problems they are facing and he solutions they are using. Agree to some architectural standards about how applications are packaged, built and deployed.
  2. Creating templates, infrastructure as code and other automation to allow Developers to easily implement and manage the chosen solutions.
  3. Work with Developers to help them move their projects to the new system and learn how to be owners of their code within this new environment.



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